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Together, we strengthen the bond between animals and people for years to come.

As a Lollypop Farm supporter, you feed and care for animals in need, educate the public on animal care, and stop animal cruelty. You show the vital importance of treating animals and all fellow beings with respect. With a gift in your will for Lollypop Farm, you’re including us among your family and friends, and we’re honored and humbled to be held in such high esteem. To show our gratitude, we promise that your gift will be used wisely and in the way that you intend.

You can support Lollypop Farm in a variety of ways with a gift that makes an impact now – or a gift that will create a legacy of compassion. With any of these gift options, you will save animals in need and build lifelong bonds between people and animals for future generations.

Helping to Make Second Chances Possible

A stray, likely hit by a car, and transferred from another shelter, Dasher was in rough shape when she showed up at Lollypop Farm. But thanks to supporters like you, Lollypop Farm was able to provide surgery to fix her broken leg and is being treated for heartworm. She’s on the path to recovery! Thank you for giving dogs like Dasher a second chance.

Rescuing Pot Belly Pigs

Mistletoe and Tinsel are two of the many potbelly pigs we have at Lollypop Farm. After being attacked by dogs, they were rescued and brought here where we give them the medical treatment and love they need until they find a new home. Lollypop is the only human society in the region for larger animals like Mistletoe and Tinsel. And, unfortunately, the number of pigs at Lollypop Farm has grown over the years thanks to myths about their size and popularity on social media.

Pursuing Advanced Diagnostics

When Tank was brought to Lollypop Farm as a 9 month old kitten, he started having seizures. Now, thanks to generous supporters like you, we are able to pursue advanced diagnostics for animals like Tank, so that he can receive the treatments he needs to enjoy life as much as possible.

Working Together to Prepare Gemma for a New Home

It took everyone working together for Gemma to go from being abandoned in an apartment to a comfy couch in her new home. Her story starts with being rescued by the Humane Law Enforcement Department at Lollypop Farm, includes the vigilant care of a foster care home, and the attentive care of our veterinary team. 

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