My story begins 35 years ago when I moved to Fairport and started bringing my niece and nephew to see the animals on the farm. They loved it and so did I. We did this for many years and then they moved away and I would only have them for one week each summer. Still they remembered and wanted to visit the farm. In the meantime I adopted a lovely cat and she was the best cat ever! Isabel lived over 17 years but before she passed away, I started volunteering in the Day Lily Cat Room. Fast forward to the present and we now have Cleo and Alex who allow us to live in their house. I so enjoy the animals and the staff. I have learned so much about cat behavior and now mice and rat behavior! But I also do dishes and laundry because there’s always something that needs doing. No matter what, I always get more enjoyment than I give!! what a wonderful organization to have in our community.