My Jerry lost his 21 year old Candy in 2004. He didn’t want another dog. Then, in 2016 he started talking about getting a dog – not too small and not too big. The caring staff at Lollypop introduced me to Izzy. She was said to be shy and a bit skittish. My handler warned me not to expect too much from Izzy on our first visit, but said somehow she seemed like a perfect fit for me. When the door opened, Izzy walked straight over to me and laid her head in my lap. Instant bonding! I fell in love with her, despite the fact she looked nothing like the adoptees is had imagined. I don’t know how the wonderful lady who paired her with me knew we’d be a match. What I did know was Lollypop’s staff connects their animals’ hearts to people’s hearts. That attribute is what has inspired me to help you to continue bringing loving people together with animals needing love. My hope for Lollypop Farm is that you will expand your outreach to widowed seniors like me, who if connected with an abandoned dog, cat, horse, bunny, etc. will find reasons to continue to be proactive in their lives and hoping for better tomorrows.

When my husband died last September, there was just Izzy and me left. She sensed my pain, and I sensed hers. We both loved him very much. She was patient with me, then gradually made me take notice of having to start living our new life. Methodically she has made me resume our evening walks and shopping excursions. Izzy stays close to me. She is an exceptional watch dog. I feel safe even though my knight is no longer physically here. Thank you Lollypop for matching me with a rescue who is now rescuing me. Hopefully, everyone reading this will feel as blessed as I do.