I have adopted both cats and dogs from Lollypop Farm over the years. But my story to tell is about my dog Zoe. With the assistance of Kay Sydowski, founder of the Rochester Jack Russell Rescue group, I adopted Zoe, a 9-month-old Jack Russell Terrier from Lollypop. She had been crated for the majority of her young life, without socialization skills and aggressively fearful. Despite attempts to alleviate her fears, Zoe remained unapproachable, until Kay Sydowski was called. Thanks to Kay’s patience and skill in working with her, Zoe, after many hours spent with Kay, was deemed adoptable. Over the years Zoe and I became the best of friends, competing together in agility training (led by Kay) and JRT races at the local Walnut Hill Carriage Competitions. When Lollypop put out communication that there was a national search sponsored by Hill’s Science Diet for a ‘Rescue Dog of The Year’, Zoe’s success story rendered her the winner. She went from a fearful, aggressive pup to the celebrated dog at the 2002 Westminster Dog show. She was the toast of the town staying at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, being hosted at a dinner in her honor where Hills Science Diet presented a significant cash donation in her honor to Lollypop Farm. Zoe lived a long, happy life until she died peacefully in my arms at age 17. These rescue animals are a blessing to those who recognize their value. For decades Lollypop Farm has saved the lives of countless animals, of all breeds, whose success ranges from being the best of family members, farm residents, companions to those in need, and symbols of the value of a life saved. All of these animals are champions. Lollypop and all of its staff and volunteers are to be commended for their tireless efforts in doing difficult, and rewarding work to save these animals. My hope is that this work continues and that communities strive to ensure the viability of rescue organizations like Lollypop. Perhaps one day shelters, education, and fundraising to save these animals will no longer be needed, as our society will have reached the point of intolerance to animal cruelty, abandonment, and over-breeding. Until then, Lollypop should remain at the forefront of our charitable giving efforts and awareness. Thank you Lollypop for enriching my life with the animals that I found through you!