I became a dog walker in 2003. One day a sweet pit mix named Rudy was being walked by another volunteer. That volunteer came running over saying Rudy had backed out if his collar & to tell one of the staff. I quickly ran inside to let them know & within minutes multiple staff & volunteers came out of the bldg. to find Rudy. Two staff members also in a car went up the road. Luckily Rudy had stopped to say ‘hi’ to another dog who was out in his yard & was quickly caught. As I was watching, I saw the car pull back in to Lollypop Farm, Rudy was in the back seat smiling with his head out the window! A big sigh of relief. Both Lollypop Farm staff & volunteers showed a great team effort to get Rudy back to the shelter safely. From then on, Rudy was required to a wear harness when being walked! I have so many stories that made me smile when I was a volunteer dog walker!