After I visited Lollypop twice and discovered a furry friend that needed a home, we set up a visit with my family. We had little ones at the time and the dog you had was part Chow, classically not great with kids. The great staff there wanted to make sure he would be ok around our kids before we took him home. All went great and Shane became part of our family. We have countless stories, mostly good, all entertaining, that we still retell to this day quite often. He passed away 10 years ago and it feels like yesterday. My kids still have pictures of him that they keep and his name comes up all the time. Thanks to Lollypop for saving him and thanks to Shane for letting us share life with him.Keep up the great work there!! We could never thank you and the staff enough for helping so many.

The Shura’s…. Alan, Loriann, Kyler, Devon, Alexis, Anthony and our crazy friend Shane!