Gifts That Pay You Income

You can continue your support for Lollypop Farm while you receive a steady income for life. If you’re considering this kind of gift, we recommend you consult with your financial advisor.

Charitable Gift Annuities

You can feed and care for animals in need while creating reliable retirement income by establishing a charitable gift annuity to benefit Lollypop Farm.

How it works:

  • You make a gift of at least $20,000 to Lollypop Farm.
  • You receive fixed payments for life, at an attractive payment rate.
  • Your gift benefits you now and carries on your love for animals for years to come.

How you Benefit:

  • Your payment will never change, and payment rates can go as high as 9.5%, depending on your age (you must be 55 or older).
  • Gift annuities are an ideal way to provide financial security for you and a loved one.
  • You may qualify for a federal income tax charitable deduction when you itemize.
  • You may avoid some capital gains tax when you use appreciated stock to fund your gift annuity.
  • You can convert a low yielding asset (like bank deposits, securities, etc.) into reliable payments at a more attractive rate.

For Example:
Jane, 75 years old, wants to continue her support for Lollypop Farm but also wants to ensure she has reliable income. She receives a social security check and a 2% dividend on long-held Microsoft stock. Jane decides to use $50,000 of her stock to fund a Charitable Gift Annuity. She’s avoided capital gains tax on the sale of the stock and instead of a 2% return, Jane now earns 6.2% annually. Plus, Jane may be eligible for a charitable income tax deduction when she itemizes. Any remaining funds left after Jane’s lifetime is used to support the mission of Lollypop Farm.

If you have any questions, or to request a no-obligation, personalized example of your payment rate and tax savings, please contact Cathie Wright, CFRE at 585-223-1330 ext. 245 or

Charitable Remainder Trusts

You can earn income for yourself or a loved one while supporting Lollypop Farm’s mission to protect animals. A charitable remainder trust (CRT) will build your financial security while making your compassion for animals a part of your lasting legacy.

You can realize a significant benefit by transferring property to a trust that will eventually be a charitable gift to Lollypop Farm. Benefits include:

  • A gift that is made during your lifetime or created through your will.
  • Tax Savings realized with a charitable gift receipt.
  • Gifting over time when permissible.
  • Ensures your assets are distributed as you intended.
  • Potential for favorable tax treatment of certain capital gains properties.

If you have any questions, please contact Cathie Wright, CFRE at 585-223-1330 ext. 245 or