Gifts That May Reduce Your Taxes

There are a variety of ways to continue your compassionate support for Lollypop Farm that may help reduce income taxes, estate taxes and capital gains taxes.

Retirement plan. Retirement plan gifts are a popular gift option for many Lollypop Farm supporters. Because retirement plans are taxed differently than most assets, they may actually become a tax liability. Naming Lollypop Farm a beneficiary of your retirement account can be an attractive option for leaving a legacy and reducing income and possibly estate taxes for your loved ones.

Income taxes to your beneficiaries on retirement assets can be as high as 35%. This means, for example, that a $100,000 IRA will be worth only $65,000 when it gets to your loved ones.

Naming Lollypop Farm as a beneficiary of your retirement assets generates no income taxes. Lollypop Farm is tax exempt and eligible to receive the full amount, bypassing any income taxes. This means, for example, that a $100,000 IRA given to the Humane Society will be worth the full $100,000.

Contact your plan’s administrator to specify The Humane Society of Rochester and Monroe County PCA, Inc., as a beneficiary. Our Federal Tax ID Number is 16-0743047.

Life Insurance Plan: A gift of life insurance is an affordable way to secure tax savings during your lifetime while continuing your support for Lollypop Farm. Benefits include:

  • You can give a significant gift from disposable income at a fraction of the value.
  • Tax savings can be immediately realized.
  • Your donation could reduce final taxes of your estate.
  • Insurance gifts pass outside of the estate.

Gifts of real estate. When you transfer ownership of real estate to Lollypop Farm, you can reduce your taxes by deducting the appraised value of the property from your income tax liability and by avoiding capital gains tax liability. This kind of gift also removes the property from your estate and relieves you of any future management worries. If interested in this type of gift, please contact Cathie Wright to discuss further.

Gifts of stock. By giving stock bonds, and mutual funds that have appreciated in value, you may receive a charitable income tax deduction for the full market value of the stock (up to a maximum of 30% of your adjusted gross income) and avoid paying the capital gains tax on any increase in the value of the stock.

For example, you give a gift of $5,000 in stock that you purchased for $500. You save $1,350 on your income taxes (if you’re in a 27% tax bracket), and you avoid paying capital gains tax on the $4,500 of appreciation.

If you have questions, please contact Cathie Wright, CFRE at 585-223-1330 ext. 245 or